About Us

Our Story

The appreciation of this name, initially, was welcomed by many around us. They found it quite unique and the first question they asked us is, “What does it mean?”

This sapling of an idea sprung from the basic thought of names that blend well with “Beans” referring to the coffee beans. Traveling all through the world from one end to the other, coffee has remained a core part of our breakfast. And the zeal to try every new coffee that comes our way has given us the opportunity to filter out the best ones and present it to you.

While we pondered away for what other words would blend perfectly with the word ” Beans”, we stumbled upon “Brie”. Again, thanks to our travel memories of Europe. We put one and two together, and Voila! Beans & Brie Bistro.


This venture, from its inception, was merely an idea to own a food joint where we could collectively share the love of food with everyone out there. In our travels everywhere, we, the self professed wanderers, picked up recipes that we liked from wherever we went. It was inspiring to experience the many ways every part of the world celebrates food. It was at this stage, an idea started to germinate. A menu of our own, for every hour of the day, for everyone. Our menu is a welcome mélange, as we fuse Continental food experiences from all over the world with classic recipes. An ode to both current and classics. Some of our favourite influences were derived from Switzerland, New York and Vietnam among others. For us, personally each trip opens up a door to a whole new world of flavour and culinary adventure, to capture and bring its true essence to our menu. Rest assured, future trips would count for more culinary adventures for us to explore, bring back, and do right by your taste buds.