What is Beans & Brie?


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Welcome to the
Beans & Brie

Beans & Brie Bistro, a premium casual dining restaurant welcomes you!!  You will find our mission  statement, our menu and Services  our contact details and location on this website.

What We Offer

We have a peaceful corner in the busiest areas of jubilee hills for everything from the start of the day until the end and everything in between. We are open 7 am every morning like clockwork. We love waving our customer good bye after a hearty breakfast or welcome them from a stressed out day at work. Basically we are here for you anytime of the day wandering with any kind of mood. We believe we can make you happy and feel at home. Come on down and enjoy the B&B experience today!

All day breakfast Menu

Rise and shine and kick start your day with a nice breakfast combo or any of the universal yet innovative breakfast dishes we have curated, especially for those you love a good morning breakfast. From eggs to pancakes, we’ve got it all.


For those odd hours where you think you are hungry but not really… pick out the best that suits your pallet from the wide choice of appetizers we have to offer. ( a side note? Don’t forget to try our signature DATE BITES…has both Vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants)  

Probiotic shakes

An assortment of innovative probiotic shakes for those mornings you missed to make one on your own. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Just stop by and pick your very own protein-packed shake.


Apart from the classic salads like the infamous Caesar salad, try our special inhouse salads, we think you will like them.


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Bread by Water

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Our Story

This venture, in its inception, was just an idea to own a food joint where we could share the love of food with everyone out there. Collecting recipes from everywhere we traveled, getting inspired by the numerous ways every part of the world celebrates food and finally curating a menu for everyone and every hour of the day.
We have fused our continental food experience all over the world with classic recipes to create this menu.
Some of our favorite influences are Switzerland, New York, Vietnam and many more.
Each trip exposed us to a whole new world of flavors which we have tried to capture in our menu. And every new place we go to, we will be sure to bring you back the essence of each place in the form of new recipes and right to your taste buds.

Why BnB?

We have the ambience

we have the lights

we have the food that’s yummy

we have the drinks to sip the food down

we have the coffee

All we need is YOU


I have been to Beans and Brie a couple of times, enough for us to fall in love with the cozy place, nestled right beside the Turkish embassy….
Rounak Bose

Senior Content Specialist-Social Media, Uber India SA

Beans &Brie has mastered the café culture that’s not so prominent in Hyderabad. Tucked away in the streets of Jubilee hills, the …..
Rahul Das

Filmaker | Musician

I went to beans and brie on my parent’s anniversary. It is a very friendly place. There was live music. We enjoyed Italian food with live music……..
Amrita vemula


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